Oat Milk Barista

Oat Milk Barista is made for coffee lovers and professionals. From lattes to cappuccinos, we understand that baristas are coffee artists so we created a product that will help you express your creativity and perfect your craft. Light and subtle in taste, Oat Milk Barista is designed to complement the unique flavours of every cup – hot or iced!


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  • • Designed for coffee.
  • • Foamable.
  • • Unsweetened.
  • • Smooth and creamy.
  • • Dairy-free, lactose-free.

Nutritional Information>

Per 100ml
Energy 60 kcal
Fat Total
Saturated fat
Trans fat
of which sugars
Protein 0.8g
Cholesterol 0mg
Fibre 0.8g
Sodium 40mg
Calcium 120mg

*Natural sugars from oats


What is the difference between Oat Milk Original and Oat Milk Barista?
Our Oat Milk Original and Oat Milk Barista are made using the same non-GMO oats sourced from Europe. However, our Barista edition is specially formulated to replicate the fat and sweetness levels of dairy milk. This makes it ideal for baristas to create silky microfoam when steamed, and to stretch and pour smoothly when making lattes and cappuccinos. We use natural acidity regulators to balance the low pH of coffee, and our Oat Milk Barista also contains slightly higher fat than our Oat Milk Original to mimic the creamy texture of dairy milk.

What can I use Oat Milk Barista in/for?
Our Oat Milk Barista is neutral in taste but creamy and smooth in texture, making it the perfect pairing for any coffee or tea. You can easily froth it at home, either hot or cold, using a hand-held whisk. Alternatively, you can enjoy it in a glass as a snack or use it in baking, cooking or in cereal bowls, just like our Oat Milk Original.

Can using Oat Milk in my coffee instead of cow’s milk really make a difference to the environment?
Yes, using oat milk instead of cow’s milk in your coffee can make a significant difference to the environment. The dairy industry is responsible for a considerable amount of greenhouse gas emissions, and by using oat milk, which has a lower carbon footprint, you can help reduce your environmental impact. We also use sustainable packaging materials, which further reduces their environmental impact. So by choosing oat milk, you can make a positive impact on the environment, one cup of coffee at a time.

Is the packaging recyclable?
Yes, our Oat Milk packaging is recyclable. Our packaging paper is made from 75% recyclable materials, and our bottle caps are made from natural derivatives from sugarcane. By choosing our Oat Milk, you’re making a sustainable choice for both your health and the environment.


Iced Matcha Latte
Looking for a refreshing and energizing drink? Try our easy-to-make Iced Matcha Latte recipe made with our creamy Plant-Based Crew Oat Milk Barista!


  • 220ml Plant-Based Crew Oat Milk Barista
  • 4g matcha powder
  • 10ml hot water
  • Ice cubes


  1. Dissolve the matcha powder in 10ml hot water.
  2. Prepare a glass with ice cubes.
  3. Add the matcha liquid to the glass and pour over the Plant-Based Crew Oat Milk Barista.
  4. Enjoy!

Espresso Macchiato
Indulge in the perfect espresso macchiato made with Plant-Based Crew Oat Milk Barista, the ideal complement to a shot of espresso, and creates a rich and creamy texture. Follow these easy steps to make the perfect espresso macchiato:


  • 100ml Plant-Based Crew Oat Milk Barista
  • 2 espresso shots


  1. Prepare your espresso shots.
  2. Froth Plant-Based Crew Oat Milk Barista with a hand-held whisk.
  3. Pour the oat milk froth over your espresso shots, and enjoy the perfect macchiato.

With no added sugars or preservatives, and naturally low in fat, you can enjoy your espresso macchiato without any guilt.