Hi there! My name is Carman, and I am the founder of Plant-Based Crew.

I decided to create this company after I became pregnant in 2020 because I wanted to do my bit to combat climate change. So, I paired up with my two co-founders and we combined our two passions: sustainable living and good food. That is how Plant-Based Crew was born!


3.5 Times Smaller


11 Times Less


13 Times Less

Our products are plant-based alternatives to help you live a more balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

For example, the carbon footprint of our Oat Milk is 3.5 times smaller than traditional cow’s milk. Plus, producing Oat Milk uses 11 times less land and 13 times less water than dairy milk.

Just think of the difference you could make by simply substituting our oat milk for regular milk in your coffee each morning – and that is just one of our many products!

Join our crew and help us achieve our aim of making the world a better and greener place one meal at a time.