What’s good about a plant-based diet? Everything!
It’s better for you!

Eating a whole-food, plant-based diet full of leafy greens is really, really good for you! Here are just a few of the many health benefits it offers you:

Improves digestion

Reduces inflammation

Improves yourskin’s health

Lowers yourblood pressure

Reducesbad cholesterol

Lowers yourrisk of diabetes

Lowers yourrisk of heart disease

Helps you maintaina healthy weight

It’s better for the planet!

Switching to a plant-based diet isn’t just good for you, it’s also good for the environment! By mainly eating plants, you’re helping:

– Reduce our carbon footprint –
– Alleviate climate change –
– Save water and energy –
– Slow down deforestation –
– Decrease animal suffering –

It’s better for the future!

Finally, eating a plant-based diet is good for the people who will come after you! Eating this way:

Increases the global food supply by 49%

Preserves more natural resourcesfor future generations